Fleas & Your Dog

Dogs are called man’s best friend. Why? There are a few reasons why a dog makes a perfect pet. They are friendly, provide companionship and security, dogs are fun to have around and to add to the list they help with keeping fit. Taking a walk in the garden with you dog will help you lose some calories and during the winter the dog will come and sit at your feet and keep you warm. Which other pet can do all these for you? A recent study has shown that human beings love dogs more than they love fellow human beings and take care of dogs just the way they care for their children. High percentage of families across the world has a dog as a pet. Now imagine you have such a wonderful companion in your house then it falls ill. It will really affect you. Therefore you need to take care of you dog. Talking of dog diseases the worst enemies of the dogs are fleas. These tiny insects can cause death of you dog.

Your dog can get fleas from other pets or from the environment the dog is living in. Fleas do not fly (they do not have wings) but these small insects have back legs that are very strong enabling them jump from one host to another or from the environment to the host. These small brown parasites love living in a warm and damp environment. Therefore if you live in a warm and damp environment and do not take the necessary precaution your dog is likely to catch the fleas. They are also more common during the summer season. It can be so dangerous for you if your dog brings the fleas in your house because these fleas also bit human beings causing severe itching, skin problems and can as well transmit diseases.


These insects are very annoying to both humans and dogs. The fleas crawling under fur on the skin is enough to cause irritation to the dogs which lead to scratching and itchiness. The hard scratching will cause hair lose thus visible patches. The insects survive on sucking blood from the host. Immediately the land on a host the start to feast. Therefore flea infestation can also lead to anemia which leads to death of the dog. Dogs react differently from the bite. The young puppies and small-breed dogs will become anemic and severely sick due to lot of blood lose. However, some will have moderate reaction. Flea can transmit serious diseases.

It is hard to see the fleas under the fur of you dog. So how do you know that you dog have fleas? Hypersensitivity is the common problem brought about by flea bites. There is an allergic substance in the flea’s saliva which cause the itchiness. The areas that are likely to be affected by the fleas are belly, thighs and tail base. The first thing you will notice if you dog catches fleas is scratching, licking, chewing, biting, skin sores and patchy areas of hair lose. If you see these symptoms you should act quickly to avoid severe illness.

Fortunately, there are things that a dog owner can do so as to prevent or treat fleas. Prevention is always better than cure but flea treatment is also very fast. The best way to prevent the fleas is by ensuring the environment that the dog is clean and using veterinarian-recommended flea preventatives. Brushing the dog regularly will also give you an opportunity to inspect the dogs coat and skin. If you realize that you dog have the fleas the best treatment is by treating all affected hosts. The organic treatments include; dietary supplements, applying essential oils on the dog’s fur, and eliminating the fleas from the dog’s environment. Organic treatment needs a lot of commitment and diligence. Using a flea comb daily can also be used to remove from the dogs coat and skin. Also ensure the dogs beddings are washed in hot water and dried thoroughly to avoid dumpiness.

Do not lose your dog to flea infestation. Take the necessary precaution and have a habit of visiting a veterinary for regular checkup. Comb you dogs fur daily and wash its bedding regularly and dry them well also ensure its coat is not dumpy. Make the people around you with dogs also treat their dogs to avoid your dog getting the fleas from them.

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Complete Guide to Pest Behavior and Reaction to Human Intervention

Pests are very disgusting, creepy and known to spread some serious diseases to humans, animals and crops.

And they can be problematic too.
In fact, pests in today’s world are not like pests of long ago. Today’s pests are advanced in all facets of life; they are larger in size, gone through many mutations of survival (more so like the Darwinian theory of Evolution), and are dodgier, and more tactful in their reaction to repellents.
Arlington residents will agree entirely that pests like bugs, rodents, and flies, such as mosquitoes and farm flies, are harder to drive away. The troublesome and common pests in Arlington include; spiders, and other crawlers, termites, wasps, bees, ants and rodents. Their problematic control all narrows down to their behavioral advancement. This translates that if one would study and learn some of these pest behavior, it would be much easier to control them and therefore live a happier and healthier life.
We have gone through the latest books, and undertook some basic tests to prepare for you this complete guide to pest behavior, especially their reaction to human intervention.
Conventional behavior
Despite spreading disease, and destroying property, pests are also loathed for causing phobia and freaking people out. Pests on the other hand will not come near humans during the day, or in the light for certainty of being killed. This tension between pests and humans is ancient and has seen many centuries of warfare between the two. But is has always been the behavior of pests to hide, only to come out in the absence of humans, or at night when the lights are out and people are asleep.
The main predictable and longstanding behavior of pests, practiced even today is hiding. Mice, rats, roaches, spiders and flies, name them, have perfected the art of hiding for long hours and even days. Especially when they sense any intervention to kill or catch them, they will escape and hide in their cracks, holes, and in the sewer line, only to resurface for water and food.
Advanced behaviors
Pests today will not only hide, they will relocate from their hideouts and seek unpredictable hideout or hosts. For example, bugs no longer find beds and dirty clothes and sheets safe for hiding, but also clean laundry, inside chair cushions, and in holes or cracks on the wall.
Another advanced behavior is reproduction. Pests are increasingly reproducing at a higher rate than before, meaning that it is harder to control them as one may be fooled to believe that the visible dead pests are the whole number only not to know that there is another generation hatching inside laid eggs.
Did you know that pests communicate? Well, yes, they do and although they have done this for many years, they have only perfected this over time. For example, they will send a few individuals to find food, survey for new hideouts, and escape routes, whenever there is any effort to repel them.
Some pests like roaches also have been found to alter their feeding behavior to remain in their hideouts whenever they sense fellow roaches have died of poison. Thus, they stay in their cracks for several days and will only move out to search for water. With this behavior, it has been very difficult for common residents to exterminate roaches.
Well, there you have it folks. As observed, pests can be very difficult to do away with completely, especially with little information about their behavior. However, this article has just brought you up to speed with pest behavior and is therefore hoped that you they will not be smarter than you next time you go hunting them down.
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Mice in your kitchen

Mice seem to be quite harmless creatures at first glance. However, a little mouse in the kitchen can bring a real headache because of its potential harm it can cause you and your family. They are attracted to homes because the houses are warm, stocked with foodstuffs and safe from their predators. As soon as the mice infest your home, they immediately take dark places like wall cavities, cabinets, crawl spaces and air dust so as for
move around in search of food.

Proofs of mice are in your kitchen

In case holes appear in food bags left in open kitchen counter overnight, your kitchen must be infested by these rodents. Perhaps you’ve heard noises within the wall or quick movements during the night. Even if you don’t spot them with your eyes, you can also narrow down on a mice invasion by detecting the following evidence;


A mouse dropping has a typical resemblance to black rice. New droppings are dark and shiny while the old ones are black and appear faded. In case you come across such droppings, it’s clear proof that a family of mice has entered your kitchen through a nearby vent, crack or hole.


They tend to use a particular route over and over. Over the long term, they may leave runs on the drywall, tables, floor, and countertops. It may not be apparent to a naked eye, but if you have a closer view, you will notice a faint run from a package of foodstuffs.


As soon as mice invade your kitchen, they often chew cardboard boxes and fabric clothes to use them as their nests. Mice like building a nest in darker places like under furniture and cabinets. Nests and droppings are often found near one another.

War against kitchen mice

To catch a mouse, you have to think like a mouse. Elimination of these rodents requires the help of a particular poison or mouse traps. The best places to install traps are behind furniture and near the places where the runs and droppings were found. A mouse trap can only catch a few mice in the house. Mouse traps include glue catch trap, baited trap with a spring, multiple traps and a live capture snare.

It is safer to use traps than poison especially if you have kids and pets in the house. Also, ensure that the pets are away from the trap since they can be victimized. A poison causes a sudden inner bleeding of the rodent causing instant death. Use of anti-rodent poisons can be strenuous since the mice may die few meters away from the poison. Sometimes, evidence of the death can be your sense of smell, which is embarrassing especially with guests. In case you don’t want to kill, ensure that the rodent is deposited few miles away from your habitat after catching it in a trap.

Mice invasion in your home is extremely dangerous to you and your family. They carry a broad range of human infections including plague, Rat-Bite fever, tularemia, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome and leptospirosis among others. Protect your family today by eliminating the mice habitat in your homes.

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How to choose the best pest control services

Pests are the menace we all are forced to face in our homes especially in gardens. Pests include vermin, weeds, parasites and pathogens which are very harmful to both humans and plants. Pests are the most common problem we may face in our daily life. These pests spread serious diseases like malaria, cholera, diarrhea among humans which may make you ill. Moreover, they even damage your plants.In farms too; pests act as a villain as they may damage the crops which may cause great loss. To save you from these damages many pest control services have been established all over the world.

These pests control services help you in getting rid of these unwanted organisms and thus enable you to lead a healthy. These services are becoming very popular all over the world. By availing their services, you may easily make your home and office free from pests. With their modern techniques and instruments, they may easily slain pests from your homes and offices. These pest control services have experts who may easily kill pests from your homes and offices. Along with killing pests, these services may help in preventing you from pests. These services are becoming widely popular as they may enable you to get rid of harmful pests and lead a healthy life.

Pest control services are very reputed and famous all over the world due to the quality of services they provide. They use latest technologies and equipment to slay pests. Moreover, they took care of the health of their clients and to save them from harmful fumes caused by chemicals and pesticides they use organic chemicals which do not cause any ill effect on your health.

The Story of Cholera https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jG1VNSCsP5Q

There are many pest control services available in the market. Therefore, you need to do proper research while choosing them. To choose a good pest control service you need to consider some factors. According to pest control services, experienced services may serve you more in comparison to a new company. These companies have experienced staff who may have handled situations like yours previously. Thus, they may understand your need and serve you in a better way in comparison to a new company. It is essential that you choose service according to your need and requirement as there are different methods to deal with different types of needs. You may choose a company specializing in dealing the type of pests you are suffering with. Moreover, it is essential that the company may use the latest technology to eradicate pests.

Pest control services, believe that a good company needs to take care of the health of its customers along with killing pests. Thus, they use organic chemicals which do not cause any side effects on their clients. With the help of internet, you may easily get a list of pest control services available in your area along with customer feedbacks and ratings.

By considering these factors, you may easily choose a good pest control company which may help you in getting rid of pests from your home and office.

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Steam Cleaning as a Bed Bug Treatment

Many people believe that bed bugs are nocturnal; however, they are more than capable of coming out during the day to feed. These bugs are sensitive to light, which is why they prefer the darkness. Because of this, it is hard to spot these creatures. They measure a little less than half an inch in length and are flat and reddish-brown in color. They are expert at hiding; however, white bedding can make it much easier to know if you have an infestation, as they will leave fecal tracks on the bedding.

DDT was utilized in the 20th century to help eradicate these nuisances; however, these bugs are true survivors, their numbers growing every year. Just in the United States, their numbers have grown by over seventy percent in just five short years. The fact that these bugs can survive for up to eighteen months without feeding goes further to illustrate their survival rating. Plus, the females can lay up to five hundred eggs in their lifetime.

Credit: Piotr Naskrecki – http://phil.cdc.gov/phil/details.asp?pid=9822

Studies have shown that travel to other parts of the world is responsible for the spike in bed bug numbers. Just a singular night spent in a cheaper hotel or any other infested area is enough to give these pests a ride to your place unwittingly. Other forms of transportation also exist, such as public busing or trains, are also great means of travel from one locale to another.

These pests are not just common in the United States, but all over the world. It is, therefore, imperative to find the best treatments options available. There are many do-it-yourself products available on the market so it may be overwhelming to choose the one that best fits your situation. It can also be time-consuming to completely eradicate these little monsters from your dwelling, not to mention expensive. With all of the options available, it is paramount to make the most informed decision possible.

Most people call professional exterminators to help them eliminate their infestation problems. For some individuals, however, this can prove to be quite expensive. Due to the characteristics of the chemicals used it is possible that some people in the home could have adverse reactions. When you are researching what treatment option is best for your home, it is important to choose what is non-toxic and what will not harm your health or that of your loved ones.

Steam cleaning is an effective bed bug treatment, and it is non-toxic. This works because bed bugs do not like extreme heat, and extensively high heat can kill bed bugs instantly. Aside from killing the bed bugs, steaming also sanitizes the area fully. Once this is complete, you can then clean your bedding to eliminate any of the bug feces that have been left behind. Steaming not only eradicates your bed bug issue, but also thoroughly cleans your bedding, mattress, and other furniture. All heat treatments are done at very high heat. This treatment option ensures that the bed bugs do not scatter or create a further infestation problem.

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Seasonal Insect Problems

seasonal insect problemsInsects can be a nuisance in our areas of residence mostly because, homes are an ideal place for them to live and breed. And while not all insects will always be there all year round, we can all agree they present a problem regardless of the season they seek refuge in our homes. So how about we look at the various seasonal insect problems and the problems they present?


Around the spring season, many flowers begin to bloom. Sometimes, this happens when the snow is still on the ground. As this happens, many insects will reappear from their winter hibernation and become a nuisance. The following insects are common during this season:


Ants are seasonal insects and can be identified by such behaviors as; running fast, carrying food and how they form trails to their nests. Some of the common household species include Carpenter ants, Red Imported Fire ants, Pharaoh ants, Odorous House ants among others. When ants invade your home, they are attracted to sweet foodstuff and make their homes in hollow doors, walls and ceilings.


These are some of the first seasonal insects you will encounter in spring. There are more than a hundred pathogens linked to flies that can cause you to fall ill. Reason being, they feed on waste and collect the disease causing pathogens on their mouths and legs.


Just like spring, summer also presents favorable conditions for insects. Some of the common ones include:

Single-cone wasps

When many people discover a wasp’s nest in their home, they immediately panic. This is because these insects are known to be aggressive and especially if you try to destroy their nests. Some of the most common species around homes include the Yellow Jacket- which resemble tiny bright-yellow bees, Dirt Daubers- which might look scary due to their large size and Hornets- which look similar to the Yellow Jacket but with white stripes.


Mosquitoes are associated with diseases including Malaria and Elephantiasis. These insects are mostly attracted to standing water as it provides them a perfect breeding environment. They also get into the home through window and doors that do not have screens.


As the temperatures go lower and lower, insects will look for warm environments to build up reserves for winter. Some of the common seasonal insects around this time include; The Box elder bugs and Asian Beetles. Similarly, Flies and Yellow Jackets are also a nuisance during this season.


During winter, insects will try to hide and reserve their energy for survival reasons. Some of the most common insects include the Ants which are common in homes with slab foundations and Silverfish which are nocturnal insects.

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Effective Pest Control

These unwanted pests may bite people or pets, destroy and infect crops, destroy and damage property making our lives more difficult. Effective pest control refers to the management and regulation of these unwanted pests.

termitesThere are many different pest control methods available on the market today. There are three main steps to ensure effective and sufficient pest control; knowledge is a key tool in getting rid of these unwanted guests. The first step is to identify what type of pest you have, the second step is to research and learn about this particular pest and its lifestyle, and the third step is to use the correct methods and products for controlling this pest.


To effectively manage the pest that you have, you need to identify the type of pest it is. Whether the pest you have is an insect, weed, animal or other organism identification is important to insure that the correct methods and products for controlling this pest, this will make the process of pest control easier and more effective. A mistake during the identification process can lead to the wrong control tactics being taken and therefore prove to be ineffective costing time and money along the way.

Many people can help in identifying the pest that you have there many trained experts or pest management professionals that can identify your pest for you. Theses experts may not be able to identify the pest via telephone or email so they may ask to see photographs or a sample of the pest, they may even want to visit the areas being affected by the pest. Your local service may be able to help when identifying your pest. There are also many online journals, articles and news features that have information and fact sheets for identifying your pest. Please note that some of these pest identification processes are free they may also come at a charge.


Once you have correctly identified what type of pest you are dealing with the best thing to do is to research this pest and become familiar with its life style. Learning all about the pest can help with eliminating the current problem and prevent this pest becoming a problem in the future. Some of the main areas of focus when researching a pest are learning when the pest is most vulnerable in its life cycle, guides on how to eliminate food sources for this pest, guides on how to block entry or travel points within the home.

Controlling the Pest

Once you have identified and gained knowledge about your pest, it is time to put this knowledge to use by eliminating the pest itself. You may want to control this pest yourself, or you may want to seek help from trained professionals to remove the pest. There are many products available for pest management, and at this stage, you should have enough information to choose the correct product for your problem.

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Organic Methods to Deal with Pests in Your Garden

When you see pests or diseases in your garden instead of automatically reaching for chemical pesticides think organic! Chemical pesticides will kill all the insects in your garden, even the beneficial ones and will contaminate the ground water. It is much better to find other ways to prevent pests from taking over your garden and dealing with them if they do start to increase.

One of the best defenses against pests is to grow healthy plants in the first place. Weak and sickly plants are targeted by pests so make sure the conditions are right for the plants you are growing and keep them healthy by watering and fertilizing adequately. Use natural composts and mulches rather than fertilisers high in nitrogen and do not let the plants sit in water or become too dry.

Keep pests from having an easy time finding the plants they prefer by mixing different varieties of flowers, vegetables and other plants together. It is a good idea to plants some flowers among your vegetables to attract beneficial insects which feed on nectar. The larvae of insects such as lacewings and ladybugs feed on pests so it is a good idea to encourage them. Another good idea is to encourage wild birds that eat insects into your garden with a birdbath. A pond can lure toads and lizards to your garden where they may feast on any pests around.

If preventative measures have failed it is time to identify the pest and choose the best natural method to eradicate it. Find out which methods is best and use pepper sprays, soap sprays or Bacillus thuringiensis, which is a bacteria that can deal with leaf eaters such as caterpillars by interfering with their digestion. If possible remove any weak plants as these are the ones that pests will target. Extracts from the Neem tree have found many uses in organic control of garden pests as it has natural insecticide properties. It can be used to control mealy bugs, aphids and whiteflies and can be bought at most garden centers.

Organic Recipes to Control Pests

Soap Solution
Mix together 2 tablesoons of soap flakes to one litre of water and spary on infected areas. Do not make the soap solution any stronger as it can cause damage to the plants. This can be used to control spider mites, aphids and whiteflies.

Garlic Spray
Soak ten garlic cloves in mineral oil overnight then strain off the garlic and add about half a litre of water and one teaspoon of liquid soap. This can be used to control spider mites, aphids and whiteflies.

Fungicide Spray
Dissolve one teaspoon of baking soda in about a litre of water then add one teaspoon of soap flakes. After removing any infected leaves spray the healthy leaves thoroughly. This can be used to control mildew and Black Spot.

We believe that it is not necessary to always use chemical pesticides to deal with pests in the garden although organic methods may be more work! You should try to have a healthy garden that attracts wild life and can easily resist pests. Then you can deal with any outbreaks quickly with methods that are safe for your garden, wildlife and your family.

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Choosing the Best Termite Control Service in Fort Worth Texas 2017

Termites normally cause lot of irritation. These are normally found in houses and offices and causes lot of nuisance. Hence, it is very necessary to get rid of the same. A termite control service would be the best choice for this purpose.

When choosing the best termite control service, there are many factors that will be put into consideration. Some of these are:

• Speed

mosquito2It is good to know how fast the service used will be able to get on the ground and start working. Some service providers will take their time or put you on a long waiting list while others will come immediately. It is good to choose the ones that will get to work immediately when the termites are already in your structure as the prompt action may help stop any more destruction from taking place. When it is for preventive action, then the slow moving service providers may be given the job.


Side effects

It is always good to use a service with little or no side effects. You may control or exterminate pests on one hand and end up destroying something else, for example plants, on the other hand. Meaning you have dealt with one problem and another one is occurring. Choose a service that will bring good results and will do no harm to you or your surroundings.



• Duration of Effects

Some services will only deal with termites that are present as of the time of treatment and will not be responsible for future infestation of termites. Though such services will be effective as of now, they are totally ineffective when tomorrow comes. It is better to select a service that will be effective both today and in the foreseeable future. Sprays that are based on smell action to kill termites are a bad choice since their effectiveness is only for as long as the smell is present. They may be good but not long lasting. Chemicals that are used to treat wood are long lasting. They provide a guarantee that no termites will come near the structure for a very long time to come.



• Availability

Consider using the exterminator service that you will easily find. For example heating may be a very good way to exterminate the termites but many people may not be able to provide it for lack of equipment to control the temperature required. In such a case use what is easily available for you. Though sprays are not long lasting or do not have long lasting effects, they are easily available hence they are used regularly.



• Cost of the Service

It is also advisable to choose a service that will not cost you a lot of money. There are cheap services that still get the job one. The pests ate causing you a loss so it beats logic if you have to an even bigger loss to get rid of them.



Benefits of Termite Control By Experts

Specialized Plans: You can choose specialized plans of pest control for your home. Companies offer special plans for home according to services you are choose. Some companies also customize plans as per customer needs.

Cost: Cost is the most important factor as you will find many companies with highly competitive rates. Make sure that you choose a reputable service provider with affordable rates.

Hazard: Pest control is a task that involves a little bit of risk. So, hiring professionals is a best decision as they are completely trained in the process. They know the right technique of performing this task.

Time and Flexibility: experts know how to perform this task in a limited time period. They know the time management.

If you have plans of getting a pest control done, it would be good to hire a company with great experience and affordable rates.


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Home Plants And Pests

Home plants are utilized to add appeal to the interior atmosphere. The term home plants does not suggest that the plants need to be in a house, they cool be utilized to enhance a hotel, entrance hall or an office also. A lot of treatment needs to be taken of these plants and also prevent insects from infecting the plants.

Plants are usually contaminated with parasites when they are placed outdoors for sunshine or they may come contaminated with mites, insects or their eggs.


Numerous pests are very easy to obtain rid of with non-chemical ways, nonetheless, if you are having a trouble with your family plants being attached by insects you can obtain a pesticide spray that is rather easy to utilize as well as rids the plant of the insects in a number of days.

It is always much better to stop infection rather than let it happen and after that search for a treatment. It is constantly much better to examine plants prior to you buy them.

Even after you examine the plants it is possible for you to obtain a plant with a condition or parasite infestation. So when you get a plant to your home or firm, maintain it separated for a number of weeks to observe any infection. This will prevent the bug from infecting the other plants as well.

bugsTo prevent bugs from infecting your plants it is well to insect them occasionally and spray the plants with fresh clean water frequently. Never use a feather duster to clean up the plants; this is a sure manner in which of transferring insects to the plant.

Spray your plants a minimum of when every 2 months.

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