Seasonal Insect Problems

seasonal insect problemsInsects can be a nuisance in our areas of residence mostly because, homes are an ideal place for them to live and breed. And while not all insects will always be there all year round, we can all agree they present a problem regardless of the season they seek refuge in our homes. So how about we look at the various seasonal insect problems and the problems they present?


Around the spring season, many flowers begin to bloom. Sometimes, this happens when the snow is still on the ground. As this happens, many insects will reappear from their winter hibernation and become a nuisance. The following insects are common during this season:


Ants are seasonal insects and can be identified by such behaviors as; running fast, carrying food and how they form trails to their nests. Some of the common household species include Carpenter ants, Red Imported Fire ants, Pharaoh ants, Odorous House ants among others. When ants invade your home, they are attracted to sweet foodstuff and make their homes in hollow doors, walls and ceilings.


These are some of the first seasonal insects you will encounter in spring. There are more than a hundred pathogens linked to flies that can cause you to fall ill. Reason being, they feed on waste and collect the disease causing pathogens on their mouths and legs.


Just like spring, summer also presents favorable conditions for insects. Some of the common ones include:

Single-cone wasps

When many people discover a wasp’s nest in their home, they immediately panic. This is because these insects are known to be aggressive and especially if you try to destroy their nests. Some of the most common species around homes include the Yellow Jacket- which resemble tiny bright-yellow bees, Dirt Daubers- which might look scary due to their large size and Hornets- which look similar to the Yellow Jacket but with white stripes.


Mosquitoes are associated with diseases including Malaria and Elephantiasis. These insects are mostly attracted to standing water as it provides them a perfect breeding environment. They also get into the home through window and doors that do not have screens.


As the temperatures go lower and lower, insects will look for warm environments to build up reserves for winter. Some of the common seasonal insects around this time include; The Box elder bugs and Asian Beetles. Similarly, Flies and Yellow Jackets are also a nuisance during this season.


During winter, insects will try to hide and reserve their energy for survival reasons. Some of the most common insects include the Ants which are common in homes with slab foundations and Silverfish which are nocturnal insects.