Mice in your kitchen

Mice seem to be quite harmless creatures at first glance. However, a little mouse in the kitchen can bring a real headache because of its potential harm it can cause you and your family. They are attracted to homes because the houses are warm, stocked with foodstuffs and safe from their predators. As soon as the mice infest your home, they immediately take dark places like wall cavities, cabinets, crawl spaces and air dust so as for
move around in search of food.

Proofs of mice are in your kitchen

In case holes appear in food bags left in open kitchen counter overnight, your kitchen must be infested by these rodents. Perhaps you’ve heard noises within the wall or quick movements during the night. Even if you don’t spot them with your eyes, you can also narrow down on a mice invasion by detecting the following evidence;


A mouse dropping has a typical resemblance to black rice. New droppings are dark and shiny while the old ones are black and appear faded. In case you come across such droppings, it’s clear proof that a family of mice has entered your kitchen through a nearby vent, crack or hole.


They tend to use a particular route over and over. Over the long term, they may leave runs on the drywall, tables, floor, and countertops. It may not be apparent to a naked eye, but if you have a closer view, you will notice a faint run from a package of foodstuffs.


As soon as mice invade your kitchen, they often chew cardboard boxes and fabric clothes to use them as their nests. Mice like building a nest in darker places like under furniture and cabinets. Nests and droppings are often found near one another.

War against kitchen mice

To catch a mouse, you have to think like a mouse. Elimination of these rodents requires the help of a particular poison or mouse traps. The best places to install traps are behind furniture and near the places where the runs and droppings were found. A mouse trap can only catch a few mice in the house. Mouse traps include glue catch trap, baited trap with a spring, multiple traps and a live capture snare.

It is safer to use traps than poison especially if you have kids and pets in the house. Also, ensure that the pets are away from the trap since they can be victimized. A poison causes a sudden inner bleeding of the rodent causing instant death. Use of anti-rodent poisons can be strenuous since the mice may die few meters away from the poison. Sometimes, evidence of the death can be your sense of smell, which is embarrassing especially with guests. In case you don’t want to kill, ensure that the rodent is deposited few miles away from your habitat after catching it in a trap.

Mice invasion in your home is extremely dangerous to you and your family. They carry a broad range of human infections including plague, Rat-Bite fever, tularemia, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome and leptospirosis among others. Protect your family today by eliminating the mice habitat in your homes.